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Note: Checks are easier for us to process. So if you are renewing your subscription, just send us a check with your name and mailing address on it to the following address:
SWIFT Magazine
Harvard University
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If you are a new subscriber, please send us a check to the above address along with the information listed in the form below. Thanks!

SWIFT comes out three times during the academic year. You can purchase a year's subscription for the very reasonable price of $5, which is about what it costs us to mail it out. SWIFT makes a great gift for people you only want to spend $5 on.

To subscribe online using a credit card, please enter the address information of the card you will be using. NOTE: You will be taken to a secure location before you are asked to enter any more information about your card. In fact, because we can't get your information from the secure site, we need your address now--otherwise we won't know where to send the magazines.

Actual subscription form removed because Swift no longer exists. Remainder of this page preserved for reasons of historical interest and/or laziness.