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"Ah, but is not the truly witty man he who has the least wit of all?"
-Author OSCAR WILDE, in one of his less nimble moments
"Well, it won everything else..."
-PETER JACKSON, running The Lord of the Rings as a Democratic candidate
"It's the stupid economy."
-BILL CLINTON, on Bush's stabilizing popularity and the apparent end to the recession in late 2003
"Lousy unoriginal Neo punk. Why didn't he just go all out and get the stigmata too?"
"A man, a plan, a ca-TAFT FAT!!-a canal, Panama!"
-LESSER-KNOWN PALINDROME of the Roosevelt era
"I did it!"
-Yankees fan JOE ZIROLI, on his team's victory
"It's a bird... it's Superman... it's a PLANE!"
-UNITED's new advertising slogan
"What is this? Woodstock gets to be named after an awesome rock festival. And what am I? An adjective."
-SNOOPY, in a complaint to Charles Schulz
"Struggling corporations need a helper, not a handout. Let's give the money to faith-based organizations who can make sure that we leave no company behind."
-President GEORGE W. BUSH, unveiling his new plan for faith-based corporate welfare
"September 11 wasn't entirely Bush's fault. It was also Al Qaeda's."
"You know, everyone gives him crap about his offensive lyrics, but what they don't understand about Eminem is it's just all about the music."
-Eminem fan JUSTIN JOHNSON, on the various clinks and beeps interjected into Eminemís recordings during mixing
"We realized that a corporation this large would disrupt the gravitational balance keeping Earth in orbit and catapult us into the sun."
-MICHAEL EISNER, CEO of Disney, on the decision not to merge with Comcast

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