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"I ask only this: do you have more support for me today than you did four years ago?"
-GEORGE W. BUSH on the 2004 campaign trail
"They're 'organic' - they must be good for you."
-BOREALIS ORGANICS on their new organic-tobacco cigarettes
"I figured out I was an Eskimo trapped in a black man's body."
-NIGAQ (né TYRONE) ANUNIAQ, on his recent race-change operation
"He's ... medium height, with ... brown hair. Um, he wears sneakers. Short hair. You still don't know who I'm talking about? All right, let's see ... he has a blue backpack that he wears when he's going to class. A lot of times he stops first and goes to the drinking fountain. You know who he is yet?"
-High school sophomore ERIN MATTHEWS, trying to describe the only black student in her class
"When I take the mic, my lyrics are flowing /
I like to ride in the jets by Boeing"

-An unsuccessful bid by BUSTA RHYMES to get more free products after "Pass the Courvoisier"
"Wang and I no way reckless. We just try communicate using inversion technique from American training video Top Gun."
-Surviving chinese fighter pilot ZHAO YU, on his April 1st collision
"Pepsi ran a commercial with Britney Spears! From now on, I'll make sure I drink Pepsi instead of Coke."
"Actually, we named our company for the amount of money we expected to get from our IPO."
-SERGEY BRIN and LARRY PAGE, founders of Google
"Every computer user knows that when something goes wrong, you just restart."
-Microsoft chairman BILL GATES, on his company's court strategy
"The suckiness of the worst movie should be bounded because movies are a finite set. But it definitely isn't."
-Mathematician turned movie critic BART STEINER
"Maybe all the country's problems would be solved if we changed our name to 'Lovey'?"
-JEAN-BERTRAND ARISTIDE's last-ditch effort to keep popular support and stay in office
"Shock and Awe... that's what we should have called it! Those Americans are good."
-Al-Qaeda member SAHIR AL-OMAR, reflecting on the World Trade Center attacks

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