Political Liberalism for Dummies®

By Alec Baldwin

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Pages: 408
ISBN: 0-6666-0202-7
Retail Price: $19.99
Status: In Print
Publication Date: 4/2002
Reader Level: Dummy

Liberalism is the hot new belief system that people are picking up everywhere, from college campuses to the Peace Corps. The ability to act liberal is an essential part of your social and professional life, and affects your ability to make contacts of all kinds. Liberals have more parties, more sex, and generally more fun than any other single group.

Finally—you can do it too!

People tend to think of liberalism as a complex system of beliefs, with intricate and varied justifications. But with Liberalism for Dummies, you’ll skip the tough questions that experts deal with; thanks to our clear and simple tips, explanations, and diagrams, you’ll be liberal—the easy way!