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SWIFT is a wonderful but cash-strapped publication. We currently print professional quality satire in black-and-white on 40lb white offset paper, and it's still a struggle to break even. If you would like to and are able to help us out, we will greatly appreciate any contribution, no matter what size.

We are an officially recognized, not-for-profit student organization, and you can probably get away with claiming a contribution as a tax exemption. For any contribution over $5, we will give you a free subscription and credit you in our next issue. For any contribution over $100,000, we will send you Holden Karnofsky's computer, which is pretty nice although the fan has a tendency to come loose.

See our contact information for an address you can send a check to, or contribute via the Internet by using the form below. Just fill in the amount you would like to contribute, in US dollars, and hit "Continue" to proceed to our secure credit card server. Actual donation form removed because Swift no longer exists. Remainder of this page preserved for reasons of historical interest and/or laziness.