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Swift Magazine


SWIFT is a satire magazine based at Harvard College in Cambridge, MA. We can be reached at info@swiftmagazine.com or at the following address:

SWIFT Magazine
Harvard University
University Hall, 1st Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138

What we publish - When and where we publish - Our executive board - Joining SWIFT

What we publish

SWIFT is devoted to publishing editorial satire, in all formats. The pieces in our magazine use humor to express opinions--about politics, popular culture, academia, and life in general. Though satire is not the only or necessarily the funniest kind of humor, it has a unique ability to make a statement in a particularly clear and compelling way. As such, SWIFT's mission is different from that of most humor magazines--it seeks to be appreciated for its editorial content as much as for its entertainment value.

Universal appeal
Unlike many campus publications at Harvard, SWIFT specifically avoids material that is relevant only to current students. Rather, it publishes pieces that can be fully appreciated by anyone who is sufficiently educated and informed. Thus, in theory, SWIFT can be distributed anywhere in the country without losing its relevance. In practice, SWIFT's editors can give copies to all their friends and relatives, and you, too, can

Teamwork and integration
The SWIFT writing process encourages collaboration. Every piece is reviewed and edited by the entire writing staff before it is considered for publication, and in many cases a piece is conceived by one person, drafted by another, and revised by several more. The result is an unusually consistent and polished magazine whose every page represents the work of a large team. In addition, this method allows SWIFT to integrate art and writing with unusual effectiveness. Pieces are not limited by the drawing abilities of their authors--staff members can write cartoons and other pieces that rely heavily on drawings, even if they cannot provide the drawings themselves.
Due to the nature of its writing process, SWIFT does not credit pieces to individuals, though it does allow its artists to sign their drawings.

Each issue, SWIFT pays homage to its predecessors in the art of satire by publishing a "Classic"--a great satirical work previously published elsewhere. Past "Classic" authors have included Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, and Ambrose Bierce.


When and where we publish

SWIFT is published and distributed four times during the academic year. It is distributed to every room in the on-campus housing for Harvard College, distribution centers for Harvard Law School and the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and elsewhere in the Cambridge area.


Our executive board

President Shantanu Gaur '08
Editor-in-Chief John LaRue '07
Business Manager Ann Kurrasch '07
Editor-in-Chief Emeritus Gabriel Carroll '05
Associate Editors
Jen Gong '07
Dan Jerison '06
Chris Van Buren '08
Faculty Advisors
Howard Georgi
Catherine Shapiro


Joining SWIFT

Although SWIFT is based at Harvard College, its staff is not limited to students. Anyone interested in helping with the magazine may join our staff, with all levels of commitment available.

The best way to join SWIFT is to subscribe to one of our email lists. All that this requires is a working email address, not necessarily at Harvard. We use email to call meetings and send all relevant information. All meetings announced by email are completely open, and attendance is optional for everyone except our executives. Drafting and revision assignments are given both in meetings and over email, and anyone who expresses an interest may take an assignment. In addition, people subscribed to the email list are free to send suggestions and ideas to the group.

The "swift-announce" email list
Members of the "swift-announce" list receive general announcements concerning SWIFT, including information about helping with layout, stuffing, and distribution. This list is concerned with tasks that anyone can help with, regardless of what skills they have. Anyone interested in helping with and being credited in SWIFT should subscribe to "swift-announce."

To subscribe to this list, visit http://lists.hcs.harvard.edu/mailman/listinfo/swift-announce.

The "swift-content" email list
"Swift-content" is the list for the writing, design, and art staffs--anyone who wants to help create the pieces that are published in the magazine. It is used to circulate ideas, give writing and drawing assignments, and call writing meetings, as well as to organize special design projects requiring special skill. While we welcome experienced writers, anyone willing to listen to ideas, read pieces, and give thoughtful feedback is encouraged to subscribe to "swift-content."

To subscribe to this list, visit http://lists.hcs.harvard.edu/mailman/listinfo/swift-content.